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A Year and a Half or so Ago

I had recently lost my partner of 24 years and was all over the place. I was lonesome and still falling to pieces and made the mistake of meeting this guy online so seemed so caring and understanding. Little did I know he was after what little money I had, called it an investment in his Bitcoin company. Well the trouble started when I needed those “profits” back. The fee to get my money back was outrageous and I ended up letting my money sit there and I lost everything, including 2 trucks because of this guy and had to move in with my youngest daughter. He claimed he bought me a truck and I had to pay a delivery fee, I paid the fee, never saw the truck. So far this year 2024 I’ve paid 1602.00 for the release of my profits and not seen a dime. More promies and no money and now he’s not talking to me at all. I’m not mentioning his name “yet” but he has the money to fix the situation he has put me into and has promised just recently to do that but I’m not seeing any action. So for a few days to give him time to come up with his promises, just a few days mind you, I’ll post but not his name just yet. Saturday afternoon around 3pm I’ll post his name in a separate post all by itself if promises haven’t started showing up on my doorstep and he has finally started answering my emails again. Signed: Sharon