The Web of a Spider

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Well he screwed up one day and called me a victim but quickly took it back, but I never forgot it and I should have stayed latched on to the word and did something about all this at that time but I let him sweet talk me and believed him when he said I wasn’t a victim and was more to him then that. He mentioned that several times to me whenever I got mad, but recently he admitted he couldn’t return my feelings but I still couldn’t tell anyone about “us” cause he had an image to uphold, a reputation to protect. He had already done a lot of damage to that with someone else in the media and in his biography. But I’m coming out swinging now. He’s had all week to keep some promises he made last week and he’s not made the first effort to do so. In fact, he’s read every message I’ve sent to him, but he’s yet to respond to the first one this week. So I’m coming out swinging starting at 3pm tomorrow. I hope others are around to check it out. I have every email he’s ever written me, and if I get the mouse I asked for for Mother’s Day, I’ll back up what I say with his emails.